Qualgen Employs Furloughed Goodwill Employees

 In response to the nationwide hand sanitizer shortage to combat COVID-19, Qualgen, an FDA-registered 503B outsourcing facility, has begun making hand sanitizer.

To be able to keep up with production and orders, Qualgen employed several furloughed Goodwill employees.

Effective March 25, at 11:59 p.m., Goodwill Industries had to temporarily close their headquarters and retail locations throughout central Oklahoma, due to Governor Stitt’s “Safer at Home” policy, according to the Goodwill website.

"Sadly, because the outbreak and closure of our business, we had to furlough hundreds of our employees. When I read about what Qualgen was doing, I reached out to see if they could use some of our employees to advance their important work,” Jim Priest, CEO at Goodwill Industries of Central Oklahoma said. “I'm encouraged that they can put a number of our Goodwill family members to work and that we can be part of this noble mission."

Since March 24, Qualgen has received over 500 hand sanitizer orders, equaling in over 7,000 gallons of the sanitizer.

“It has been a little crazy around here,” Nikki Good, Qualgen director of sales said. “I received an email from Jim Priest stating they had to furlough many employees. I knew we were in need of a few additional employees to help with production so I felt like this was another way that we could help in our community.”

These employees will be working with Qualgen to help fill sanitizer bottles, label bottles, package and ship out boxes of sanitizer around the nation.

“We knew the sanitizer demand was high, however, we did not have enough staff members to be able to keep up,” Shaun Riney, Qualgen’s CEO said. “All of our employees have their full attention directed to filling hand sanitizer orders.”

Qualgen employees are working around the clock to buy the supplies needed to make the sanitizer, bottle it, put in all sanitizer orders and answer questions.

“We have sold sanitizer around the nation at this point,” Good said. “Our sales staff has been working 18-hour days to try to input all of the orders we have received. We are hoping to be able to assist with the demand for hand sanitizer due to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Along with adding hand sanitizer to the list of new products being made to help during COVID-19, Qualgen is also in the process of making and distributing saline, dextrose and common mix IVs for home health and hospitals, as well as, hydroxychloroquine.

For hand sanitizer ordering information, email sanitizer@qualgen.us or visit www.qualgen.us.

During this time, Goodwill Industries is temporarily closed. Please consider donating at www.okgoodwill.org/donate.

ABOUT QUALGEN: Qualgen, a U.S. based company located in Edmond, Oklahoma, is a global leader in compounding pharmaceutical production. Founded in 2012, Qualgen offers bio-identical hormone replacement pellets, as well as, numerous scientifically advanced compounds in multiple markets around the world. 

Source: Qualgen