Qualgen to Attend AMMG Conference

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From April 26 to April 29 Qualgen will attend the 24th Clinical Applications for Age Management Medicine Conference produced by the Age Management Medicine Group (AMMG) in Orlando, Florida.

AMMG events and publications offer clients the business knowledge and experience to deliver a turnkey conference service for individuals, companies and organizations who are dedicated to delivering science-based educational information to physicians and healthcare professionals.

“We have been attending AMMG’s conference since we began,” Shaun Riney, Qualgen’s managing director, said. “AMMG puts together a great conference year after year.”

The AMMG conference in April has a schedule where attendees can learn about the latest research findings and watch eye-opening presentations to engaging, interactive panel discussions with experts that will introduce and update physicians on the latest science-based clinical information and sophisticated clinical applications.

“AMMG is one of the best conferences when it comes to age management,” Nikki Good, Qualgen’s director of sales, said. “The conferences are always very informative and timely.”

Qualgen’s hormone pellets are one of the latest trending products in the anti-aging industry. At this conference, attendees will walk away armed with the knowledge and approaches needed to immediately add age management medicine to current practices, as well as, what is needed to make it a full-time specialty.

For a discount to the 24th Clinical Applications for Age Management Medicine Conference use code “QUA”.

Qualgen, a U.S. based company located in Edmond, Oklahoma, is a global leader in compounding pharmaceutical production. Founded in 2012, Qualgen offers bio-identical hormone replacement pellets, as well as, numerous scientifically advanced compounds in multiple markets around the world.